Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Prince Edward Island

We spent the night at the Amsterdam Inn & Suites in Moncton, New Brunswick.

The next morning we got an early start to Prince Edward Island.  Known as PEI, the locals say it stands for "potholes every inch." That is a very good description of the roads!

The island is connected to New Brunswick by the Confederation Bridge. At 8 miles, it is the longest bridge in the world crossing ice-covered water.

After four years of construction the bridge opened to traffic on May 31, 1997. At its highest point the bridge is 197 feet above sea level.

Engineers incorporated a number of safety features into the bridge design including curves to reduce the potential for accidents that experts believe happen more often on straight highways or bridges.

After crossing the bridge we headed to the only disc golf course on the island and the top course in Canada. After Mark played 18 holes on this beautiful course, we then headed to the Cows Creamery where they advertised factory tours.

This is an extremely small facility. In fact, the gift shop was probably larger than the rest of the factory. We were surprised to see a large t-shirt production facility.

 First t-shirt design.

 Numerous t-shirt designs.

 There are a lot of steps to making a multi-color t-shirt.

 These ladies are folding the t-shirts.

Printing the t-shirts.

Unfortunately they were not making ice cream at the time we were there. And only one of the rooms had the lights turned on. We wonder if they make more money off of t-shirts than ice cream!

Our next stop was the Canadian Potato Museum.

We knew we would be able to eat lunch at the museum so that is the first place we headed. I had a loaded baked potato.

Fully loaded baked potato with potato chips as a side.

Mark had poutine.  Poutine is a dish that originated in Quebec. It consists of hand cut fries topped with homemade gravy and cheese curds.  It's actually very good!


Our lunch was very good! After lunch we paid our entry fee ($10) and headed into the museum.

This is a typical museum with lots of antique farm equipment.

Single furrow plow

1920's International Harvester

Rubber tires didn't start to become common until the mid 1900's.

We were seeing many fields of potatoes while driving around this area. Prince Edward Island claims to have the highest per capita potato production in the world. Lots of potatoes and not that many people!

Production of commercial potatoes in Canada.

Spaniards were the 1st to bring potatoes to Europe from Peru in about 1550.

There was a large exhibit of potato pests, tastefully displayed as potatoes in little coffins...

White grub

More than 260 known viruses, bacteria and fungi infect potatoes.

 Bug picker

I did purchase a magnet.

There wasn't a fee to get on the island but there was a $47 fee to get off the island.

Toll booth leaving the island.

We headed back to our hotel in Moncton, New Brunswick.

Next time: Nova Scotia

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Happy Birthday To Me

For my birthday trip this year I picked Canada. We're only a couple of hours from the border.

Shaker magnet.  Under the "snow" it says Canada.

We left the RV early in the afternoon and crossed the border into New Brunswick about 2 hours later. Our first stop was the visitor center where we picked up maps and information for the New Brunswick area.

Crossing the border.

Since it was already getting a little late in the day we drove another hour to our hotel. We checked into the Holiday Inn Express in St. John, New Brunswick.

My birthday is July 11 (7/11). Interesting, our room was 711!

The room was very comfortable.

The next morning we were up early to drive an hour back to St. Andrews. We had reservations with Island Quest Whale Watching Cruises.

Island Quest Whale Watchers

We arrived a little early and had time to walk around this beautiful town.

We were told the boat would hold 44 people. There was a large group that had canceled late the evening before and left us with only 6 other people on this trip.

Our boat.

We had plenty of room to move around!

 Skipper Dan and Mark

Mark on the upper deck

The day was beautiful and perfect for our trip. Smooth seas and sunny skies.

Smooth waters

As we headed out of the harbor we noticed thousands of Moon Jellyfish in the water. They were on both sides of the boat as far as the eye could see.

Moon Jellyfish

Even though this was a whale watching trip, we saw other wildlife too.

Harbor Seals

Harbor Porpoises

Bald Eagle

We passed many private islands and a couple of lighthouses.

Island Cabin


The Bay of Fundy has the highest tides in the world. At the upper end of the bay the tides can exceed fifty feet.

As the tides go in and out they create amazing tidal swirls that make it look like the water is boiling.

We only saw one type of whale, the Minke whale. Unlike Humpback whales, Minke Whales do not come out of the water with a big splash. We followed what we think was a single individual for  30 minutes and saw it about a dozen times.

There were other whale-watching boats in the area, so this whale was getting plenty of attention!

Minke Whale

After leaving the whale, our guide Mandy brought out a small touch tank.

We had a nice relaxing trip back to the dock. This is a busy harbor with both working lobster boats and pleasure boats.

After lunch we headed to the Fundy Discovery Aquarium.

The entry had a very nice large aquarium with Salmon and other fish from the Bay of Fundy.

There was a very nice "touch tank".

 Ten-ridged Whelk

It's a very small aquarium and it didn't take us long to see every thing.


There were other things to do that we did not partake in such as marine themed films, walking the beach trail, watching the seahorses being fed.

We had a long drive to our next hotel and were ready to get back on the road.

Next time: Prince Edward Island