Wednesday, August 8, 2018

We Could Make A Horror Movie

Do you see it?

How about now?

We came back from a 4 day trip and Mark just happened to look up at the outside refrigerator vent. There looked to be a hornets nest taking over the RV!

This was a very busy nest. Lots of hornets going in and out. Mark sprayed it for a couple of days but we weren't seeing much less activity. Finally late one evening he pulled the nest off the outside of the RV. He was pretty sure there was a lot more inside the vent. After more hornet spray and seeing very little activity, it was time to take the vent off to see what nightmare was inside.

We don't know how long this nests had been in the works but it was big!

We've seen these kinds of nests before. The paper housing on the outside hides the hive inside.

Everything is cleaned up and back to normal. No hornets ever got inside of the RV.

Thursday, August 2, 2018

The Fundy Rose

The next day we had to head back home. Mark had been reading about the MV Fundy Rose Ferry. It leaves Digby, Nova Scotia and arrives at St. John, New Brunswick. It would save us about 5 hours driving and looked like a very relaxing, enjoyable ride so we decided to take it.

Mark's ticket was $48. I got the senior discount so my ticket was $38. The truck costs $116.

We were told to arrive one hour before departure. We got to see the ferry coming in from St. John and unloading.

 Incoming ferry.

 Dropping the gangplank.

We loaded on time. The boat was full.

 Waiting for our turn to load up.

 Lined up and ready.

Finally, it's our turn.

Plenty of help to get us parked.

We had a beautiful day!

We walked all over the ship and sat outside before heading in for lunch.

 Movie room.

 Plenty of room to sit outside.

One of three snack bars.

The ride was very enjoyable and took a little over two hours. It wasn't long before we were docking in St. John, New Brunswick.

 Starting to see the dock.

 We have to turn the corner.

 Getting very close to the dock.

Everything looks very small from this high up!

We were not allowed to stay in the truck while the boat was moving. We were the first row off the ferry.

Waiting our turn.

We headed to the border.

 Leaving the boat.

 Welcome to St. John.

Almost back in the good 'ol USA!

The ferry ride was a lot of fun - certainly magnet worthy!

The end to a wonderful birthday.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Nova Scotia

The last few days of my birthday trip were spent in Nova Scotia. We hadn't realized how large these three Provinces are and how much time we were going to spend driving!

Mark wanted to play disc golf in New Brunswick before heading into Nova Scotia so we packed up and headed to a nearby disc golf course. We then drove into Nova Scotia to another disc golf course. That took up most of the day!

We arrived at our cabin late that afternoon. It's in a little town called Mavillette.

We had time for dinner and a short walk to the beach before it got dark.

One big chair!!

The tide is in.

The next day we headed down to Yarmouth to spend the day. Our first stop was the Laurence Sweeney Fisheries Museum. Normally the entry fee is $3 but for some reason, nobody seemed to know why, all museums were free today.

The museum houses a collection of artifacts from companies owned by the late W. Laurence Sweeney. The museum tells the history of Yarmouth's fishing industry. It's a great museum with five reproduced buildings and a 100 foot wharf.

We had been seeing lots of advertisements for the Living Wharves. Their advertisement stated:

"Experience a demonstration on a working lobster boat docked at various wharves around the Yarmouth area. Set a trap, hold and band a lobster, and splice some rope to help with the next day’s catch. Finish your day at our Savour the Sea experience, and enjoy some of our region’s freshest seafood with a beach side lobster boil."

We headed down to the Wedgeport fishing peer where the Living Wharves was supposed to be set up for the day.

We came across another museum, this one very small, called the Wedgeport Tuna Fishing Museum. This was a nice museum but there wasn't a lot to see.

We then started looking for the Living Wharves set up. You've heard the saying "advertising pays"? Well, it sure fooled us. This is what we found.

Though not exactly (or at all) as advertised, it did turn out to be interesting. The gentleman in the above picture was not very informative but it didn't take long before a woman showed up. She was very entertaining and had lots of great stories to tell as she showed us the various items they had brought. Mark and I were the only people there.

This lethal looking object is used to splice rope.

It looked like very hard work.

Mark got to find out first hand what it feels like to be a lobster.

 How to band a lobster claw.

We spent the day having lunch, visiting various beaches and sightseeing. By the time we got back to the cabin that evening it was low tide. Hundreds of yards of sandy beach are exposed every 12 hours.

View back towards our cabin

Of course we picked up a few rocks to take back home with us!

I always have to get a sand writing picture.

I did find a few magnets to purchase.

Next time:  A really fun ride to the border.