Monday, March 14, 2016

Rock Stacking Competition

Who thinks up these things?
It’s actually the Rock Stacking World Championship.
Did you know that there are internationally renowned rock artists?
Did you know that Llano, Texas is the Home of the World Rock Stacking Championship?

The Llano Earth Art Fest (LEAF) was this past weekend.  From what I could find this was the second year for the rock stacking championship.

While Mark was participating in the first ever disc golf competition in Llano, I hoofed it over to the park on the beautiful Llano river to check out all the festival had to offer.

Other than the rock stacking part everything else was pretty typical of a local festival.  There were booths (about 60% food, 30% jewelry, and 10% other stuff), face painting, a climbing wall, live music, etc. 
Carving sand castles.

And, of course, there was rock stacking.  It took me a while to figure it out.  There were little piles of stacked rock everywhere.

Hum... it didn’t seem all that hard, I didn’t get it. 
Turns out anyone could grab a handful of the free rocks and make a little stack. 

But then, after walking around for a while, I saw a few stacks that were obviously “professionally” stacked.  These had signs next to them that said they were entered in the contest and not to disturb them.

The Llano uplift provides the beautiful granite rock but it was acceptable for the contestants to bring their own rocks to enhance the appearance of a particular stack.

This is LEAF (Llano Earth Art Fest, get it?).  I had just walked up and snapped this picture when he started unzipping his outfit.  I guess the show was over.  I never did find out what LEAF was all about. 

There are always a few characters at these things:
  Nice hat!

This is a 3 day event with even more things happening after dark (fire spinners, star gazing, etc.).

With all the rain we have had this past week the Llano river was really rocking. 

Friday, March 4, 2016

Planning The Next Move

We’ve started our 4th, and final, month here at Inks Lake!  Neither of us can believe how fast the time has gone. 

Even though our days are full from morning till evening, we haven’t been blogging much.  Our volunteer work here is the same as 2 years ago (cabin host).  Mark has flown his planes a few times, when he can find a day that isn’t too windy, and he has hooked up with a few guys that play disc golf several times a week.  We’re still working out at the YMCA 5 times a week and have really been enjoying it.  My Kindle has been smoking with all the books I’ve read this Winter and I’m still crocheting as much as ever.

It’s been a while since I posted pictures of my afghans so I thought I would show a few of my latest.  Last year I donated 22 afghans to charity (Linus Connection).  This year, who knows?  I’ve gotten a good start.  

We’ll be leaving Inks Lake at the end of the month and spending a few weeks in Medina, then it’s on to the next adventure.  We know we’ll be in Leadville, CO for the summer, we just have to decide on a route: Davis Mountains, Southern New Mexico, SE Arizona?  We’ll have several weeks for sightseeing and want to get the most out of them.