Thursday, March 31, 2011

Going home

We're going home.

Keep following along as we head for Maine in the next couple of weeks.

Until then, I might post a few interesting pictures!


  1. You're going to Maine?!!! How long will you be there? You could swing by NJ for a day or two on your way! We'd love to see you.

  2. Great RGV additions to the blog -- you've really been busy! We love imagining you both watching the broadwing liftoff described in TxBirds -- how exciting! And I'm so glad you decided to do nightwalks before you left; sunset must've been spectacular from the hawk tower. Great snake picture; the water snake looks so comfortable draped along that branch! Your entries are just delightful -- great descriptions, super photos, good pacing. They give a nice glimpse into your experiences and provide interesting information about the creatures and plants you see. Even though we live here, I've enjoyed the Valley entries as much as the ones from your other travels!