Tuesday, May 24, 2011

We have arrived

After 5 weeks, 4025 total miles (2944 pulling the RV), and (it seems like) six hours of sunshine, we have finally arrived at our destination.

We are at Aroostook State Park near Presque Isle, Maine.

Aroostook State Park bears the distinct honor of being Maine's first state park.

[In 1938, interested citizens of Presque Isle donated 100 acres of land to the State with the hope of creating Maine's first state park. This hope became reality is 1939, with the creation of Aroostook State Park. Subsequent donations increased the park to its present size of over 600 acres. Encompassing Quaggy Jo Mountain and Echo Lake. Rising abruptly from the surrounding farmlands, the most prominent feature of Aroostook State Park is Quaggy Jo Mountain. The underlying limestone formations mark the presence of an ancient sea, and the mountain's outer layer of volcanic rock suggests a later lava flow of an unknown origin. Quaggy Jo is the shortened form of its Indian name "QuaQuaJo". A popular translation for QuaQuaJo is "twin peaked".

The park's natural areas are typical of northern Maine. Its forest consists mainly of a mixture of spruce, fir, beech, and maple along with younger stands of poplar, birch, and other hardwoods. In the park's low swampy areas, dense stands of cedar can be found.

A wide variety of birds and mammals live within the park. While squirrels and chipmunks are most frequently seen, fox, deer, moose and bear also rail the park "home". Birds of all types are found here, too, including hawks, owls and woodpeckers.]

This is our home till Labor Day!
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A big Hi and welcome to Bill and Linda (and Rachel).


  1. You got there early, right? That's a whole lot of miles!

    We have booked our vacation in Maine. It's only a 10 minute drive to Aroostook State Park. I'll send an email letting you know the dates we'll be there. By the time we get there you'll be experts in what to do in Aroostook State Park!

  2. Hi Julee - We look forward to seeing yall!