Thursday, June 16, 2011

Grade A Maple Syrup

When we were in Vermont we picked up a little bottle of Vermont Maple Syrup. There are different “grades” of syrup and we didn’t know which we would like best. The helper in the shop told us that she liked the Grade A Dark Syrup the best. So, that’s what we bought. It is outstanding! We were almost through our bottle when we came across Maine Maple Syrup a couple of days ago. We bought a bottle and came home for a taste test.

We used biscuits for our taste test.

Mark was willing to be the guinea pig. He didn’t know which syrup I had put on which biscuit.

Turns out, he couldn’t tell the difference. They are both really, really good! When it gets closer to time for us to leave this area we’ll have to pick up several jugs to take home.


  1. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Maple syrup. That stuff is the bomb. You'll never go back to corn-syrup pancake syrup after you have real maple syrup!

  2. No kidding! How can Aunt Jemima even call that stuff syrup?
    We'll have to find a place we can mail order from when we get back home.

  3. They carry pure maple syrup in grocery stores here. I bet you could find it in Austin. Whole Foods would probably carry it (expensive), but our regular grocery stores have it, too, so I bet yours will, as well. Smaller bottles, though, than the nice jugs you bought. Or just stock up while you're in Maine! Get some blueberry preserves while you're there, too. Very tasty.

    That Aunt Jemima crap is corn syrup with flavoring. Once you taste real maple syrup the next time you're forced to use pancake syrup you'll taste how sugary and artificial it is, by comparison. I never eat that junk any more. It's maple syrup for me! I also use m.s. to flavor muesli (breakfast) and other stuff. It's great to make baby carrots with maple syrup and a little balsamic vinegar (cooked). YUM.