Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Our Journey - Day 4 - HOME!

Day 4: 658 miles. 13 hours later, we were home. Are you wondering why it took 13 hours to drive 658 miles?

We left Lakeland, Tennessee at 5:45 a.m. Lakeland is a suburb of Memphis, which is right on the state line with Arkansas.

Still raining and dark. About half way through Arkansas, it stopped raining and the landscape started looking much dryer.

Finally! Back to Texas.

It is HOT and DRY!

With a sigh of relief we crossed into Texas and thought it would be just a few hours before we were home. So how did this turn into a 13 hour day?

Well, have you ever driven through Dallas? Can you believe they can close a major highway through the middle of a major city? Yep, that’s Dallas for you. We sat for 2 hours on the bridge crossing Ray Hubbard lake. We finally made our way (along with a couple million other cars) around the construction on I30. I guess no one thought to put a sign or two up to let folks know that all lanes of I30 were closed and we could take other routes around the city!

We are home, it is HOT and DRY and we wish we were back in Maine (or some other cool place).

We will be starting our next volunteer assignment in just a couple of weeks and we are already looking forward to it!

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  1. Welcome home! Enjoy Texas for a little while - it will make you appreciate leaving that much more!

  2. Thanks Laurie,
    We've actually gotten a little rain in the last couple of days!
    Hope yall are doing well.

  3. You'd think hot and dry would be a relief after all that rain! I expect you didn't think you'd be yearning for Maine's rain so soon. But it's been VERY hot there, right? I would die. Can't take the heat any more, not me. Are you glad to be back? Are you getting your projects done? Hope it's not all work and no play!

  4. Our first few days here it was over 100 every day. We've had a little cool front come through and it's staying in the 90's, so not too bad. Mark has been working hard cutting down dead trees and working around the house.