Saturday, March 23, 2013

Better Get It Right!

Red and yellow, kill a fellow.
Red and black, friend of Jack.

We went out to the World Birding Center on South Padre Island this morning.  We only have one more week here at Laguna so this was probably our last trip to the Island before leaving for Central Texas next Saturday.  

There were some folks from the Gladys Porter Zoo set up inside.  They had a couple of Texas Tortoise, a tarantula, and a couple of snakes.

We used to have coral snakes at our place in Elgin and every time I saw one I would think "Red and yellow ..."

Mark got to hold this very striking milk snake.  It had just shed its skin the night before and was very shiny.

You can definitely see it's "Red and black ..."


  1. The only time I "ran into" a coral snake was when we were volunteering at Santa Ana.... thank goodness it was so small that it could never have grabbed a hold of.. let along penetrated... the boots I was wearing. I've had the nasty experience of a copperhead bite... sure don't need any other!

  2. Eeeeeww Snakes. Few months Ago we went two week holiday trip to sri lanka. that was a great trip organized by Sri Lanka Accommodations By Blue wing Hotels
    We went to see elephants ( Had a chance to touch a little one <3 ) but only thing i hated is touching snakes. they said those snakes are very harmless. but eekkk how can you touch them