Saturday, June 22, 2013

Colorado Fires

Well, it seems like our area of Colorado is burning up. We are in no danger, but many of our favorite hiking spots have been destroyed.

If you go back and look at the May 18th and June 1st blogs (THIS is Colorado), you will see the region that is burning in the West Fork fire.  There is a huge amount of beetle-killed timber throughout the area, and once it catches fire there is little that can be done.  The single-digit humidity and relentless winds add to the problem.

This fire has consumed over 30,000 acres, and the town of South Fork was thought to be lost until a wind shift saved it. The entire town has been evacuated and we saw a constant stream of cars and RV's heading out of the area yesterday.

Here is the sunset view from our trailer.  That is not a cloud, it is smoke.

West Fork Fire
We hope that Mother Nature gives the firefighters a much needed break and that this fire is brought under control soon.



  1. The fire is so scary. Stay safe! I still get text messages from the CO Dept of Trans and they sent a message yesterday that Wolf Creek Pass was closed and Hwy 149 near South Fork and Creede is closed.

  2. Those trees killed by the beetles are just a torch waiting to be lit... and it sure sounds like the match has been struck. Hope y'all get some rain that helps.

  3. We know what that is like after last summer in Colorado!!!

  4. We had South Fork and Creede evacuees from the fire on either side of us at the motel in Monte Vista Friday. One guy said he was given an hour to leave. We felt like we were making room for more evacuees by leaving Friday afternoon. -Rick

    1. We were "across the street" from your hotel Friday night and it looked like they were filling up fast. Glad yall made it home safe.

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  5. I remember being in Colorado last year, watching it burn. sorry it is continuing. It is nice being in Oregan with pine trees and NO beatle damage. Virginia

  6. Maybe I'm not remembering, but wasn't there a Dairy Queen across the street from our hotel...? -Rick