Saturday, November 9, 2013

Enchanted Butterflies

Teri and I took a hike around Enchanted Rock this morning, and were surprised by the number and variety of butterflies that we saw.  There are not many flowers blooming, but those that are seem very popular.

Dainty Sulphurs and Common Mestras are everywhere.  We saw hundreds of them moving about.
Common Mestra
Dainty Sulphur
Some of the large flowers were attracting more than one species of butterfly.
Black Swallowtail and Queen
Queen and Monarch
We saw singles of a few species.
Common Buckeye
Common Checkered-Skipper
Variegated Fritillary
Vesta Crescent
We are expecting our first freeze next week, so the number of butterflies will decrease soon.  We will enjoy them while we can!



  1. Good work figuring out all those butterflies. You're right. Enjoy them while you can!

  2. Oh... the Buckeye! One of my favorites (okay, I'm from Ohio), but what a scoop you made in the photo dept today!

  3. This has been a spectacular year for butterflies. -Rick

  4. very pretty pictures of butterflies! Wish I had your knack for photography!