Tuesday, February 11, 2014

# 70

I’ve been crocheting afghans for The Linus Connection for several years now.  Last year I started crocheting preemie afghans for NICU babies for Heart of Texas Threads of Love.

I have taken pictures of all my afghans and last month counted them up.  I donated my 70th blanket last month!

Want to see # 70?


  1. That pink panther is my favorite of your blankets.

    1. I think it's my favorite too. This is the 3rd different pink panther image I've crocheted. Love the Pink!

  2. That's a great thing that you do, Teri. I know people who have hobby products that just pile up in the closet. Having a worthwhile outlet for your work is wonderful for others. -Rick

  3. Ya know...........families are going to treasure those for many years to come. My niece crocheted my grandson a blanket when he was born and it has been slept with every night for almost 8 years. It's always with him when he's sick and if he lost it he would be devastated. It's a great thing you do!