Friday, October 31, 2014

A Little Decorating

We’ve been RV’ing for 15 years.  We’re on our 3rd RV.  It’s hard to believe our HitchHiker is going to be 3 years old in December!

We’ve never done much in the way of decorating the inside of our RV’s.  As a result, our first two looked pretty much brand new when we traded them in.

Now that we live in our HitchHiker almost full time, I’ve wanted to do a little decorating. 

I’ve mentioned before that I collect magnets from places we’ve been.  I have A LOT of magnets!  Most of them are on the refrigerator in our house in Medina (see March 28, 2013 blog).  A few have found their way into the RV.  My problem is that there is not enough metal to attach them to.

I got this idea from another volunteer:
It’s a cookie sheet! 
Mark attached very strong magnets on the wall behind the kitchen sink.  I’ll be able to take the cookie sheet off the wall when it comes time to move.

While in Kerrville one Saturday, we came upon a craft fair and decided to look around.  One of the booths had some awesome laser cut-outs.  
We bought this super cute frog and found the perfect spot for him.  He’ll go great with the gecko we bought in Creede, Colorado (see May 27, 2012 blog).

The decorating was fun and the HitchHiker looks great! We'll be heading out again soon.


  1. That's a cool frog. I gather magnets as well. When I got this rig, there were two ugly wall hangings of leaves. Luckily, they were metal. So I just cover them up with my magnets. :)

    1. That's a great way to cover up something you don't like!

  2. I like what you did with the place.

  3. Looks like the picture collage I designed for Moosehorn. How did you attach the magnets to the wall? I like it.

    1. We attached the magnets using 3-M command strips, just in case we want to pull them down. So far, so good!