Sunday, November 30, 2014

Packing Up - What’s It Mean To You?

Well, to me it means making sure I have plenty of yarn.  Even though there are big box stores and craft stores in every state (not to mention the Internet), I still want the security of having plenty of yarn in the RV and ready to use.  After all, the craft store might not have the exact shade of yellow I need!

So, the first thing I pack up is my yarn.  I also want to make sure I have room for all of it.  As you have read here before, under the bed and under the couch are MY areas.  There is also my half of the bottom of the closet for any overflow yarn (but that’s my secret stash so I won’t talk about it).  Luckily, yarn is very light weight.
Mark and I think a lot a like when it comes to "packing up."  He bought a new plane. 
I think this is plane #4.
He also has a quad-copter and a couple of cute little mini-copters (that he can fly inside the RV). Apparently, all four planes are for different kinds of flying.  He's been flying this new one up at the park, it doesn't need much room.  

We’ve been home for several weeks now and have really been enjoying ourselves.  We settled into a routine quickly and the days are just speeding by.  Mark plays disc golf almost every day.  There are two really nice courses close.  The back of the car is full of disc.  They will probably be the last thing he packs up.  He just got this new plane a couple of weeks ago and he’s been flying it most days. 

We’ve visited family and friends.  We’ve gone to all our favorite restaurants and found several new favorites in the area.  It is great to get back to an area that has good Mexican food (our favorite).

We’ll be heading out in about a week.  We’re going to slowly make our way to the Florida Keys where our next volunteer assignment is.  Hopefully there will be lots of blogging opportunities along the way.

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  1. we are going to beat you there! It's too cold to work on the house so we are heading out on Tuesday! Hope to be there by Sat if we do not run into nasty weater!

  2. Wow, you are getting there early. If you find out what our job duties will be, let us know. We are looking forward to seeing yall!