Saturday, December 20, 2014


We have made it to Mississippi. It is the first visit ever for both Teri and I.

Crossing the Mighty Mississippi River
We are staying at the very nice Roosevelt State Park, just east of Jackson, MS.

We are in a lovely, full hookup site that overlooks the lake.  The park is virtually empty, but unfortunately the weather has continued to be cold, rainy, and cloudy.

Roosevelt State Park is built around Shadow Lake. They have cabins, a waterpark, and two nice campgrounds. I imagine that summer is the busy season here. 
Shadow Lake
This park has an 18-hole disc golf course. We're finding that some of the state parks in Louisiana and Mississippi have embraced Disc Golf and installed courses.  I got to play the course once, before the rain started in earnest.
Hole 4
The picture above shows the required throw at Hole 4. 207' through the trees and across the water, to a basket placed on the other side. I'll bet that there are dozens of discs in that water!!  I managed to keep mine dry, but just barely...

Onward to Alabama!!



  1. Only knowing disc golf through you blogs I can only imagine your thoughts as you look at that body of water full of discs.... (I'd be in there fishing them out... being the recycler that I am).... whatever... hope you are having a good time in this lousy weather.

    1. I have a "disc retriever" and we tried to get a nice yellow disc out that we could see. But it was getting late and the bottom was getting stirred up. So we left it. Maybe next time!!

  2. My disc would certainly join one of those in the water. :(