Sunday, January 25, 2015

Turning A Negative Into A Positive

A couple of evenings ago we received an e-mail from the refuge ranger.  Someone had reported the dumping of construction material on refuge land.  Mark, Earnie (another volunteer) and the ranger went out the next morning to take a look. 

Sure enough, someone had dumped a lot of wooden pallets, a door and old boards.  Everything was hauled back to the maintenance yard. 

We’ve been asked to build butterfly houses and bee houses for the upcoming Rocking Refuge Ranger kids programs.  Mark had already priced out the costs for buying the lumber but it hadn’t been purchased.  These old pallets and boards were perfect!  We’ll still need to buy some lumber but it’s nice to be able to use this trash that someone dumped.

We immediately started cutting up the pallets.  I think maintenance is probably my favorite volunteer job (even though I’m just the helper).  

There was a lot of measuring and cutting: 

 Marking and cutting the entry slots:
The end result turned out really nice.


  1. I LOVE this! Reminds me of the time Bill was asked to build 3 kiosks... our of cypress! He figured it out so that he would have big enough cuts of wood left over to make a dozen wood duck nesting boxes. At absolutely no extra expense except for a few dozen screws (which Bill bought). While I think it's really bad to dump "waste" anywhere, your situation sure turned out good. Make me smile!