Monday, October 12, 2015

Home Sweet Hot...

After about 4 weeks of exploring our way back to Texas, we've arrived  at our little spot in Medina. It seems that we didn't drag our feet quite long enough, as we are forecast to have a near-record high of 95 degrees today. Sheesh!

Teri and I decided to visit Lost Maples State Natural Area as they have been seeing a Rufous-capped Warbler, which is a very rare bird for the United States. We got there about 8:30 in the morning and hung around the bird blind where it had been seen for a bit. We didn't spot the warbler but we did see a Tarantula crawling around on a rock before it retreated underneath.
We were also entertained by Rock Squirrels. We saw two distinct color variations. Some were completely black while others were bi-colored, with black head and shoulders but reddish brown bodies. Teri found a reference that said the Big Bend variety are all black while the Hill Country variety are bi-colored. Who knew?
Rock Squirrel - Black
Rock Squirrel - Bi-colored
After striking out at the bird blind we decided to walk some trails. The beautiful Sabinal River flows through the park, along with some smaller creeks that drain into the river. We spotted this 2 inch long green leech in one of the creeks. It moved along the bottom by extending its body forward, grasping the bottom, and then pulling the rest of its body along. Interesting to watch, if a little creepy!
October is one of the best butterfly months in Texas, and we weren't disappointed. This California Sister put on a nice show for us. 
California Sister
We returned to the bird blind for a while, but the warbler was not to be found. There were plenty of different sparrows along with Carolina Chickadees, Black-crested Titmice, Northern Cardinals, and many of the other common birds of the Texas Hill Country. As we were leaving this Common Raven croaked "good-bye" to us. 
Common Raven
Once the weather cools off a bit we may return and do more hiking at Lost Maples. It's a great place to explore and enjoy nature.



  1. I found Medina co (just sw of San Antonio)... but no Median (town). We had 99 degrees outside nearly all day here at Glen Rose, and since we don't often use the AC it was 98 degrees in our rig. At least it's cool at night and early morning. Love those butterfly photos... I need to get "re-focused" and back to looking what's around me. I did see a scissor-tailed flycatcher today so I'm happy....

    1. The town of Medina is a tiny little place about 25 miles south of Kerrville and 20 miles west of Bandera. It is the Apple Capital of Texas!!

  2. I'd probably stay inside with the AC on with those temps.

  3. Love the squirrel photos! So different from the little grey ones we have buzzing around here collecting walnuts! Very neat guys! :)

  4. Who would have thought it would be so hot here in Texas, mid-October. That is suppose to be the best month here. We are sweating it out near Taylor, Texas, visiting Grandkiddos. Love your pictures of the squirrels.