Monday, April 25, 2016

Davis Mountains State Park

We stopped in at Davis Mountains State Park this morning to check out their birding blinds. They have made significant improvements at both blinds since our last visit. A blind that was previously a few picnic tables under a shade is now the most amazing stucco bird blind that we've ever seen.
New Davis Mountains SP Bird Blind
The interior is just as nice, with tile floors and plenty of seats.
Bird Blind Interior
Water features were particularly popular, as I suppose is expected out here in the desert!
Cedar Waxwings
In addition to a big group of Ceder Waxwings, we saw an Acorn Woodpecker taking a drink as well.
Acorn Woodpecker
Ladderback Woodpeckers enjoyed peanut butter mixtures on log feeders and we saw a Western Scrub-Jay puzzling over an acorn.
Ladderback Woodpecker
Western Scrub-Jay
Once again there was no shortage of Bewick's Wrens singing their little hearts out.
Bewick's Wren
I felt lucky to get this picture of a Red-tailed Hawk that made a single low fly-by.
Red-tailed Hawk
We'll stay here another day or two and then head on over to New Mexico.



  1. The Escapee Park called Dream Catchers, near Deming is very nice. Very reasonable too.

  2. Really nice shot of the Red-tailed Hawk. It's a good example of what Kaufman says, "East of the Mississippi most Red-tails have white chest, dark 'belly-band' of streaks. Western Red-tails are much more variable, from pale to rust-brown to blackish." Yours definitely looks pale brown to me compared to the pictures in most guides.