Thursday, October 27, 2016

Leave Me Alone!!!

Teri and I have spent a few days at Inks Lake State Park. Not volunteering here this year, but it makes a nice stop to visit with family and friends.

We spent a couple of hours at Inks Lake National Fish Hatchery looking for birds. The winter birds haven't really arrived yet so birding was slow, but we did witness an American Kestrel harassing a young Red-shouldered Hawk.

The poor hawk was perched in a tree minding its own business when a male Kestrel decided to start dive-bombing. It made about a dozen high-speed passes at the hawk while screaming and carrying on.
Where is it??

It's hard to bend my head back this far...
The Kestrel will be back!
After about a minute of this, the hawk decided to find another place to rest. Mission Accomplished for the Kestrel.
We're heading to the Texas Coast for a couple of months of volunteering. Stay tuned for plenty of Pelican and Duck pictures!



  1. Amazing action pictures! I have a hard enough time with animals and birds standing still!

    1. Thanks! One of the great things about digital camera's is the ability to take 100 pictures and delete 95 of them...

  2. Oh... you delete photos? Darn... that's probably why my computer is so slow... I just have a hard time deleting anything! I'll keep 99 out of 100 every time. My bad....

    1. I probably delete 90% of my shots, but I take a lot of multiples. I figured out that I'll never do anything with that 90%, so no reason to hang on to them. That being said, I know a fellow who never deletes anything. Out-of-focus, half a bird? Keeps it!!