Monday, January 23, 2017

Day 3 - 2017 Costa Rica Journal

Day 3 finds us up on the deck early, checking out the feeding tables.

One of the birds visiting the feeding table was this beautiful Emerald Tanager.
Emerald Tanager

 After breakfast we headed out to hike some of the 7 miles of trails on the property.  This lodge is also a spa.  We didn’t have time to partake in any of the spa offerings but we did walk by the beautiful spring-fed infinity pool.
The grounds are landscaped beautifully.
We decided to head down the Waterfall Trail. 
After crossing this hanging bridge (there are several on the property), it didn’t take long to get to the 20 foot waterfall.

Mark walking across one of the many hanging bridges.
We found lots of beautiful and unusual flowers.  Some of which we are still researching names.

Screwpine (Pandanus sp.)

Of course, we saw plenty of birds along the way.

Crested Guan

Keel-billed Toucan

Golden-hooded Tanager

After the waterfall we crossed another hanging bridge and started down another trail.
We passed beautiful lush green fields.

Once out of the forest we started seeing some different, grassland birds.
Yellow-faced Grassquit

Thick-billed Seedfinch

On our way back from a great morning of birding and hiking, we came across this beautiful Malachite Butterfly.  Although Mark has seen this butterfly a couple of times it was a first for me!!!  I have been wanting to see this butterfly for many years.

Malachite Butterfly
After watching the Malachite and other butterflies for a while it was back to the lodge where we waited for lunch. 
We weren’t the only ones waiting for lunch!
White-nosed Coati

Next time:  Day 3 - Part 2 - Fruit, frogs and a whole lot of lava.  Also, our bird list for day 3.

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