Thursday, March 30, 2017

Creepy or Cool?

I’ll let you decide.

While out exploring one day we came across this purple castle.
We turned on a road just before the castle so we didn’t get a really good look at it.  On the next road we came across this barn with some large carvings.

This plaque was on the barn wall:
Bandy is the last name of the owner who built the houses and structures around his Trollhaven.  He is also responsible for all of the carvings. 

Mr. Bandy invented a door hinge that is used in most modern commercial airplanes and sold them to Boeing (among others).  During his frequent visits to Boeing in Seattle, he became enamored with the countryside and discovered the land that he later purchased near Sequim. He built his home and the other structures, mistakenly thinking that they would be appreciated by everyone.

But some neighbors did not appreciate his originality, nor the traffic.  To appease them, he built the community a beautiful two-storied fire station, modeled after a Moorish castle.  That cooled everyone down except the original people who had spearheaded the complaint.  In spite of court findings that his creations complied with all state and county ordinances, they continued to harass him. 
Upon discovering the property across the road from these people was available, he bought it and built the house called Neptune's Keep.  His "nasty neighbors" finally backed off after they lost their view of the bay.

The purple castle titled “The Gatekeeper’s Castle” was designed and built from a dream.  Summer rental - $800 per night, minimum 2 nights (5 bedrooms 2 1/2 baths).
This beautiful beast is real.  
Trollhaven is also a working farm.

After seeing the large carvings we really weren’t paying much attention to our surroundings until we realized all the fence post were also carvings.
We ended up driving around twice because we had missed some of the carved fence posts.  These are not all of the fence post, just some of my favorites:

We saw several beautiful houses while driving around and, after some research, found that they are also part of TrollHaven.  Some of the houses and land are for sale, some can be rented and some are occupied.

So, creepy or cool?  I found the carvings so cool I wanted to take pictures of every one of them!  Mr. Bandy is quite talented.



  1. Not creepy! My kind of cool.... Of course my favorite was the bald eagle... but It would be fun to stay there... however... $800 a night is WAY out of my budget!