Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Something Different

I use Photoshop Elements to post-process some of my photos. Being able to do things like cropping, adjusting exposure, or lightening up shadows is really convenient. You can't magically turn a terrible out-of-focus image into a thing of beauty like they do on television, but you can "clean up" an image.

I recently took a long series of pictures of a Pigeon Guillemot coming toward me for a landing.  I decided to combine them into a single composite image.  You've got to love those red feet!

I noticed that the bird was doing a pretty good job until the very end, when it sort of teetered over to the side and splashed on in. Maybe it just wanted to be pointed in that direction??

Click on the picture to get a larger version. What do you think??



  1. Lightening up shadows...I'd like to do that sometimes. I haven't graduated beyond apple photo basics for adjusting photos. Cool bird composite!

  2. No wonder I'm such a lousy photographer... I really couldn't see what you meant... it looked great to me. And, yes, I love the red feet!

  3. We get Arizona highways magazine, and I have been seeing a lot more "stacked" photos, sometimes of 40 or more images.
    Your composite action of a landing is great. We have been watching the geese along our river "run on water" to assist getting in the air, that too would be another interesting composite image.