Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Disc Golf As It Should Be Played

The #1 disc golf course in the country is here in Texas.  Mark has been wanting to play it for several years.  It’s a 4 hour drive from Martin Dies State Park so we decided to spend a couple of nights in the area.

This is a private course on an East Texas Ranch in Talco, Texas (between Sulphur Springs and Mt. Pleasant).  It was featured in Disc Golfer magazine and designed by John Houck, a premier course designer out of Austin.

Disc golf is played like traditional golf, but instead of clubs, players use specially designed high tech plastic discs.  Instead of hitting a ball into a little hole, disc golfers throw their disc into metal baskets. 
Mark holding a disc.

I very seldom play but I do enjoy getting outside and watching Mark play.

There are two 18-hole courses at Selah Ranch.  This is a beautiful area and the tees are so spread out that golf carts are advised!  This is the first course we’ve played that offered carts. 

After visiting the Pro Shop, where Mark bought a few (much needed!) discs, we started out.

It was a whole different experience driving from hole to hole.  Mark got to ride while I chauffeured.

This is my idea of playing disc golf!

There was plenty of room in the back for all our stuff.  Since we were going to be out most of the day we even took an ice chest and had a few cold ones (diet Coke) while playing.

Selah Ranch is advertised as a Christian Retreat on 1000 acres.  It’s a beautiful ranch with lots of water.  Many of the ponds come into play on the disc golf course.

There is one tee where Mark had to throw to the basket on an island.

All in all - this course deserves to be number one in the country!

Map on one side, score card on the other.

There is another private course close by in Mt. Vernon.  After 36 holes at Selah Ranch we headed to Trey Texas Ranch for another 18-holes.  When we arrived the day before Mark played one of the courses at Trey Texas.  He wanted to play both courses before we left.

Trey Texas Ranch
After 54 holes - we headed back to the hotel for dinner and a much needed rest!


  1. 54 holes? Wow. Ok, a few questions. How were the scores? How many discs did you leave behind (lost discs)? Finally, I have played 54 holes with sticks before, but man am I tired after that. Were your arms ready to fall off?

    1. I decided to play from the short tees since it was my first time. I was comfortably under par on both Selah courses, but granted myself a Mulligan here and there...

      I didn't lose any discs in "official play" but played the water holes conservatively. After finishing the Selah Creekside course from shorts I decided to try the long tee on 18 since it has a pretty tough water carry onto an island. Donated a pair of discs there before I gave up.

      I was flat tired after the 54 holes, as I'd played a long 18 the afternoon previously. So 72 long holes in 24 hours was more than enough!!

  2. We'll done my friend. I had not put the previous 18 in the mix too. I am very impressed.

  3. Enter more places to visit on the "To Do" document!