Sunday, July 1, 2018

Our Site

We arrived at Green Lake National Fish Hatchery 7 weeks ago. We have been very busy both with our volunteer jobs and sightseeing.

We visited this hatchery in 2011 when our friends Jane and Lynn were volunteers. Mark remembered the volunteer RV site and knew we would like the area.

When we accepted this volunteer gig last November we were told we would be the only volunteers. During the last 8 years we have discovered that we like being the only volunteer couple!

Our site is about 1/4 mile from the Hatchery. We sit on a hill well above Highway 180 so we don't hear a lot of traffic noise.

We have a wonderful shady spot.

Our Site.

Mark has put out a smorgasbord of bird feeders and we have a lot of birds visiting them. We also have a small watering/bathing area.

Purple Finches have enjoyed the sunflower seeds, along with Black-capped Chickadees, Red-breasted Nuthatches, and American Goldfinches.

Purple Finch - male

We do have a squirrel problem. The pie plates keep the smaller red squirrels and the chipmunks off the feeders but the larger gray squirrels are able to climb over.

I bought a pretty hanging basket to entice the hummingbirds. All of our hummingbirds here are Ruby-throated, and we've seen several females and one male at the feeder and in the flowers.

After we arrived we were told that the maintenance staff had requested another volunteer couple to help with maintenance. So, a few weeks later another couple showed up. They are very nice, and most importantly, quiet. Our sites are far apart and other than hearing a few soft woof, woof's from their cute little dog, we don't even know they are here. There is also a mobile home on this site. There is a fresh-out-of-college young man living in it that is doing a short internship at the hatchery.

This is our view coming up the driveway.  The motor home straight ahead is the other volunteer couple and the mobile home on the right is the student intern.  We are tucked away on the left.

This is a day we were mowing so normally there is not a truck and trailer sitting in the middle of the road!

So, even though we are not the only volunteers as we had expected, everything is turning out to be okay. We don't work the same work days as the other volunteers and, so far, we haven't worked with the intern.

We requested to work on at least one weekend day so that we would have more time during the week for sightseeing. Our work days are Thursday - Saturday and we like having 4 full days during the week to get out and explore.

We have been to a lot of places but have been too busy to blog. I probably need to quit crocheting so much in the evening and do more blogging!

I have found the local Project Linus coordinator and have already donated 10 afghans.



  1. Wonderful crocheting.

    Looks like your volunteering gig is working out nicely with some flexibility from your bosses. We hope you will continue to enjoy this assignment the rest of the summer.

  2. Three day work week is great! Nice looking afghans Teri! What a gift you have and give to the children.