Wednesday, August 8, 2018

We Could Make A Horror Movie

Do you see it?

How about now?

We came back from a 4 day trip and Mark just happened to look up at the outside refrigerator vent. There looked to be a hornets nest taking over the RV!

This was a very busy nest. Lots of hornets going in and out. Mark sprayed it for a couple of days but we weren't seeing much less activity. Finally late one evening he pulled the nest off the outside of the RV. He was pretty sure there was a lot more inside the vent. After more hornet spray and seeing very little activity, it was time to take the vent off to see what nightmare was inside.

We don't know how long this nests had been in the works but it was big!

We've seen these kinds of nests before. The paper housing on the outside hides the hive inside.

Everything is cleaned up and back to normal. No hornets ever got inside of the RV.


  1. Love the title - very appropriate!

  2. Wow. Good job Mark! I hope you didn't get stung getting it out.

    1. I got it our without being stung. Used up two cans of wasp/hornet spray prior!!