Monday, October 3, 2011

Oh give me a home ...

Where the buffalo roam ...

Where the deer and the antelope play ...

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We are, once again, at LBJ State Park in Stonewall, Texas. We volunteered here last year and really enjoyed ourselves so we decided to come back. It's close to our place in Medina, and also close to our friends and family. We start working on Thursday. I will be working in the Store/Visitor Center and Mark will be working at the Sauer-Beckmann Living History Farm and in maintenance.

Our home for the next three months. The very tall fence is holding back a herd of bison and two Longhorns, 'affectionately' named Dumb and Dumber.


  1. Funny. We took photos of buffalo on our way out of Maine. Passed a place that had them and I had to stop. They are big! And dirty. The ones we saw were behind an electrified fence, which I didn't realize at first. Good thing Chris mentioend it, because I was about to rest my arm on the wire fencing to take a pic -- Ouch!

  2. They are big and mean! There is one here at the park that is over 30 years old!

  3. Really? I have no idea how old buffalo get -- I guess if you're that big you can be mean w/out repercussions! The heads on the males are massive, aren't they? How's it going at ol' LBJ State Park? Is it still so hot in TX? It got cool here, but is going to be 85 tomorrow -- I'm not looking forward to it. But then it drops 10 degrees on Tues., and another 10 on Weds. It's that variable time of year!