Monday, October 31, 2011

When Vegetables Go Bad!

See what can go horribly wrong when vegetables grow amuck!

Our neighbors in Medina (Paul and Ruthie) own a potato farm in North Dakota. They spend the winters in Texas while their sons run the farm.

We only spent a few days in Medina last year but really enjoyed meeting and visiting with these super nice folks.

We were looking forward to their return this winter and last week they arrived. We had a wonderful time getting caught-up and telling stories of our summer.

This summer several new couples have bought lots in our little Medina RV resort. We have met quite a few of them and have really enjoyed getting to know everyone (and their little dogs too!)

So, are you ready to see these bad boy veggies?

While we were visiting with Paul and Ruthie, Ruthie handed me a grocery bag. Apparently, they grow ‘em big in North Dakota!

I've never seen carrots this big! They were very tasty.



  1. Dang! Those ARE some super sized carrots!

  2. They had a lot of 'carrot' flavor!

  3. I would have thought such huge carrots would be woody and tasteless. How did they get such huge carrots with good flavor? I've never seen carrots that big!

  4. She said they were grown in sandy soil. I think it's the long daylight hours that helps them grow that large.

  5. I guess. In Alaska vegetables grow really big, too. They have those long summer days so I think you are right about the long daylight hours.