Friday, February 17, 2012

Resaca De La Palma State Park and World Birding Center

Can you find the bird in this photo?

Resaca De La Palma is a 1,200 acre State Park and World Birding Center northwest of Brownsville and is the largest tract of native habitat in the World Birding Center network.

We visited the park during the week and, other than one staff person, we only saw two other people in the park.

There are over 6 miles of trails, 4 decks that overlook the 4 miles of Resaca, and a 3 mile tram loop that winds through the park.

The resaca’s are ancient curves of the Rio Grande.

Interesting cover for a bird blind:

We saw lots of birds and other interesting things while we were there.

Altimira Oriole

Red-tail Hawk

Solitary Sandpiper

This Armadillo was up to his nose in leaves!

The hard-to-see bird in the first photo:

Wilson's Snipe


  1. My computer crashed not once, but twice, last summer and fall... it's taken this long for us to find your blog again. We saw Carolyn and Wally last month when we were in the Valley, but not until it was too late to come over to Laguna. We'll be going back to Maine this summer... what about you?

  2. Hi Sharon - it's great to hear from you! We really enjoyed the visits we had up in Maine last summer. We'll be heading to Colorado this coming summer. Hopefully, we can get together some time in the future!