Sunday, February 26, 2012

Water Water Everywhere

Any idea what made this trail?

In the last couple of weeks we’ve gotten over 4 inches of rain here at the refuge.

The prescribed burned areas are starting to green up.

We’re seeing water in areas that have been dry. This is making it a little harder to do our weekly waterfowl count. The birds have a lot of different areas to feed, bathe, and rest. Which means that we have a lot of different areas to look for them.

When the roads are very muddy, or have standing water on them, a regular truck leaves deep ruts and causes a lot of damage. Instead, we use a ‘Mule’ to drive around the refuge on our waterfowl count day.

That little dot between the water puddles is an armadillo.

The alligators are enjoying all the new watering holes. In one day we counted 21 alligators!

If you didn't guess, the first picture is an alligator trail. That mark down the middle is where the tail drags.

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