Wednesday, April 25, 2012

"Not Quite Finished"

We have arrived at Alamosa National Wildlife Refuge.

This is the brand new RV pad that we were supposed to use.  It's "Not Quite Finished." It's just a slab.  There is no electric, water, or sewer.

This is the brand new laundry room I was going to use.  As you can see it's "Not Quite Finished."

This is a sampling of the junk I've been picking up around the RV site.  The cleanup is "Not Quite Finished."

Hummm... Do you see a pattern here?

Our first day we were told that finishing the RV pad would be the first priority.  The second day we were told that it might take a while.  The third day we were told they have another place for us and would like for us to move.

The staff here has been extremely nice.  There does seem to be a bit of disorganization.  Until everything gets worked out we’re going to go with the flow.

Stay tuned!


  1. Are you the first folks to ever volunteer there? We've been to our share of places that were "rustic" and usually Bill does the "finishing"... or in some cases starts from scratch. Did you know what the conditions were before you arrived? Or maybe I should ask if this is something you can live with.... I should just wait to read your future blogs ;-)

  2. Hi Sharon - Last year the old RV pad was removed and a new building was built on that site. The new RV pad was poured but the ground froze before any of the utilities could be put in. We were told before we arrived that our first job would be to get the utilities in at the new pad. We are parked close to one of the staff houses. We have a very long extension cord and water hose going to our RV. We were told they could hook us into the septic system in a matter of days. Now they are not sure if they are even going to use this RV pad at all. Tomorrow, Friday, we’ll be moving about 20 miles to a different refuge. It looks like it might be a better spot. I’ll post pictures soon. PS - Love your Costa Rica pictures! Teri