Saturday, May 12, 2012

Cumbres Pass

Yesterday morning we drove to the Cumbres Pass Area.  The guide book says:

"Imagine going from Arizona to Alaska in sixty minutes. You will accomplish this remarkable feat by simply going up in elevation about 2,600 feet.”

It’s a very pretty drive up into the mountains.  We started getting into areas that still had snow. 
 Our first stop was La Manga Creek Trail at a little over 10,000 feet.  It’s a beautiful area with lots of water.
Very large beaver dam with lodge.

It was a nice, cool, sunny day - for about 20 minutes! 
 Then, it started snowing/sleeting/raining.
We headed back to the truck.  Since it wasn’t snowing too much, we decided to head on up to our next destination, the Trujillo Meadows Reservoir State Wildlife area.  This area hasn’t opened yet for the summer but we were able to park at the gate and walk in.  We walked around for a while and saw some pretty nice birds.
Mountain Bluebird

Mountain Chickadee
White-crowned Sparrow
Three-toed Woodpecker
Three-toed Woodpecker

By the time we got back to the truck it was starting to snow harder and looked like there was still more to come.  Our next destination was going to be the Chama Basin in New Mexico.   We decided to save that for another day.  We got back to the RV and watched it snow for the rest of the day.


  1. Thanks Judy. They sure don't like to sit still!!