Thursday, January 24, 2013

Stepping Out In STYLE!

I never thought I would have someone say to me “Better wear your snake guards.”
But those were the words I heard from our biologist, Jonathan, as we were getting our gear ready to head out this morning.

Is this a fashion statement or what?
Our job today was to find 5 irrigation structures, clean out around them, spray herbicide, and get GPS coordinates.

We actually found 8 structures (5 bubblers, 2 vents, and one outlet).  I guess the GPS coordinates will be very helpful in the future.

We got all our gear loaded up:
Ear protection, gloves, bug juice, and tick tape (duck tape works very well for getting the tiny little seed ticks off clothing).
Here is Mark loading up the ORV.

Here is Mark making a fashion statement!  Full face gear, ear protection, snake guards and, although he doesn’t have his gloves on here, he did wear them.
 This is what the areas looked like before we cleared them:
Here is the result of our efforts:
While Mark ran the weed-eater, I raked the cut grass away to make it easier for him to see the area. 

We took GPS readings:
Sprayed herbicide:
What they DID NOT TELL US was to watch out for this bad boy!!  He saw us first and scooted into the water.



  1. Talk about a fashion statement. Wow!

  2. And watch out for those gators as well!!!

  3. I love your header picture. Nothing I love better than a nice long walk on the beach!!!