Thursday, February 28, 2013

Fiddling Around

One of the most common animals in this area is a tiny little crab called the Fiddler Crab.  They are only about  1"-2" across and they have one oversized claw that (kind of) makes them look like they are playing a fiddle.

I noticed these recently because they were waving their oversized white claw at each other in what I assume is a territorial or breeding display. According to Wikipedia(!) - "During courtship, the males wave their oversized claws high in the air and tap them on the ground in an effort to attract females".

These little white flags moving in the mud made me notice just how many of these guys were there.

A couple of crabs no more than 6 inches apart.

Fiddler Crabs
Here is one waving his claw in the air.
Fiddler Crab
And a closeup so you can see his little crab face...
Fiddler Crab


  1. I wonder if it's always the left claw that is enlarged?

    1. Based on a bit of reading, it seems to depend on species. Some species are about evenly split on which claw is larger, and in some one side is clearly dominant (like 96-99%). It seems like the species down here are left-claw dominant.

  2. Seems like kind of a heavy thing to carry around.. that claw..... may be "the better to scare you with, my dear"?

  3. I remember fiddler crabs from school. That face is a bit devilish, with the horns . . .