Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Big Inspection

Last week Mark spent half a day finding all of the fire extinguishers (or lack of fire extinguishers) around the refuge compound.  In all he found over 70 extinguishers and empty brackets.  He made an awesome Excel sheet that was a tremendous help for us later in the week.  

One of our tasks on Tuesday was to then go around and gather all the fire extinguishers and put them in one place to be inspected.

Out of over 70  there were only 8 that passed inspection.  The others had to be sent for recharging, replacing, or repair.

By Thursday most of the extinguishers had been recharged and were brought back to the refuge.  We then had to start putting them back where they came from.  This is where the excel sheet came in handy.
On Friday Mark drove to Harlingen to pick up some more of the recharged extinguishers and to take in a few more that we had found.  We got those replaced around the refuge.

And, as expected, the official inspection is Monday so everything is being done in a rush.  Monday morning we should get a few more extinguishers back and, hopefully, get them put out before the big inspection.


  1. Sounds like a good way to put your GPS to work... I'm sure one of my columns would have had the coordinates.... spoken like a true geocacher, of course.

  2. Yes...we did the same thing here at Attwater.