Tuesday, April 23, 2013

On the Road Again...

We left Medina Monday on the way north to Colorado.  We enjoyed a strong south wind all of the way to Abilene State Park.  We have decided to stay here for a few nights and wait out a strong cold front that brought howling north winds with it last night.  It was 75 when we went to bed and 45 when we got up this morning!! We expect 34 degrees in the morning.

We have a beautiful campsite underneath some Pecan trees.  The pecans falling from the trees make it seem like we're in the midst of a hail storm at times.

There is a simple bird blind here in the park, and we've also had a few visitors at our site.  The broken pecans on the ground and a bit of seed that we've put out have attracted many birds.

Black-chinned Hummingbird
Chipping Sparrow

Inca Dove
Northern Cardinal
White-winged Dove
Where there is bird food there are squirrels, and this park is no exception.  This fellow got a little thirsty and was using the water feature to get a drink.

Next stop, Palo Duro Canyon...



  1. It's a good idea to wait out the wind, I hate driving in the wind.

  2. Hey Mark and Teri, If you are driving west on I-40, we are at a RV Park in Santa Rosa, New Mexico, waiting for our truck to be repaired. Stop by. We would love to see you. See our blog for details.
    Kurt & Virginia

  3. Now is when we start in opposite directions. Our next stop will be in Tennessee at Natchez Park State Park. Safe travels!!!