Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Planning the Future - Part 2

We headed out to Enchanted Rock State Natural Area.  

 The "Rock" is 640 acres and 425' tall, pink granite.

We met with the volunteer coordinator (who is also the law enforcement officer).  She was kind enough to take us out to the volunteer area.  This park has three RV pads for volunteers.  There are no public RV sites, only primitive camping/backpacking is allowed.   This park also allows technical rock climbing.  We’ve been to this park many times and have camped here also.  We think this would be a fun park to volunteer at.

Since we were here on a week day, the park wasn’t very crowded.  There were lots of wildflowers blooming and lots of critters to take pictures of. 
Texas Bluebonnet 
Bladderpod ssp 
Bordered Patch 
Gray Hairstreak 
Texas Earless Lizard

Tomorrow: Garner State Park


  1. Great pictures! We didn't go up to Enchanted Rock when we were in Fredericksburg and now I really regret that. Oh well, one more reason to go back.

    I'm enjoying your travels and your visits to the different state parks. Stay safe and have fun!


  2. It is a really interesting place, and it will certainly be there when you come back!!

    We find others blogs a great way to "discover" new places.


  3. We visited Granite Rock a few years back on the way home from Santa Ana. Absolutely loved it! We got lots of wildflower pictures and of course had to climb "The Rock". Spectacular views!