Monday, August 19, 2013

FInal Interpretive Panel, and a Minor Casualty

We still had a sixth interpretive panel to install, this one down at a trailhead.  So we loaded up our signs, auger, water, concrete, and tools and headed back down that bumpy, bumpy road. We got to the work site and discovered that we were short one sack of concrete (did I mention the bumpy road?).

We backtracked until we found a broken sack of concrete in the middle of the road. Luckily this is a really low-volume road, so nobody had come along to run this over.

We have a jumper!!
I did my best to scoop the contents back into the bag, and off we went.

I'm sure I can get all of this back in...
Once back to the site, we dug the postholes, assembled the sign, and concreted it into the hole.  We had plenty of concrete, so no harm on losing a little. 

That is the last of the interpretive panels, so on to the next project.