Friday, August 30, 2013

The Biggest Signs Yet

After producing about 30 signs with our 2 1/2" letter template, the Project Manager here mentioned that he thought there should be a large sign on the Headquarters Building to let folks know what it was.  So we ordered a set of 4" letter templates and we went to work on our largest sign to date.

By the time the refuge folks had decided on the text for the sign, we determined that it would be 18 feet wide!  Yes, 18 feet.  I figured out that we'd need to make 9 separate sign panels and fit them together.

These templates are different than the ones we'd been using, as they snap together and then have to be taped down. The letters are taller and wider, so much more plastic is removed in the process of making the sign.

4" Letter Templates
Let it Snow!!
Regular Clean-up was Necessary
Teri and I hauled the sign panels over to the Monte Vista Refuge because they have a full wood shop setup and we needed to trim the individual sign panels to exact lengths and widths so the sign would fit together.

We had just finished a complete cleaning and repainting of the HQ building (another blog), and still had the construction lift that the refuge had rented. We didn't want to try and assemble this sign off of ladders!
Headquarters Building, but No Sign
Another volunteer couple arrived in early August, and Maury had done a lot of work on the house painting project.  He offered to assist with getting the sign up onto the building.
Mark and Maury Determining the Sign Location
After finding the centerline of the sign, we started with the bottom, center panel and worked our way out, and then up.
First Panel Going On, Eight to Go...

Completing the Bottom Row of Sign
Nearly Finished
New Sign in Place
Mark, Teri & Maury



  1. I did a double-take... is that Maury, of Maury and Margaret? I've just got to know the answer... have stories that aren't printable.... surely not. Now... back to that sign... what an accomplishment!!!

  2. The very same!! Small world, right?

  3. That is quite a sign guys! Job well done! Where are you guys headed off to next?

  4. Hi Penny - We're going to go home slowly (Texas Hill Country). Then, we have a vacation planned - I'm not saying where - keep watching the blog for info. We'll start our next volunteer position in mid-October at Enchanted Rock State Natural Area.
    Ya'll headed back to Florida?

  5. Wow, Mark, aren't they lucky to get you with so much expertise in doing something like this? I can imagine what the sign would look like w/ rank amateurs! You and Teri and Maury are to be commended!