Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Playing in the Snow

We have spent a few days at Cheyenne Mountain State Park in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  It is a fairly new park with very nice campsites, each with 50 amp electrical, water and sewer. Not many trees here, but wonderful views out over the city.
Cheyenne Mountain State Park
I have taken the opportunity to try out several of the disc golf courses in the Colorado Springs area.  Many of them are in city parks, but I played one this morning that was built within a commercial RV park!  It cost $5.00 to play there, and it was a very nice course.  One of the high points was getting to play in a little snow, which I've never done before.
Disc on snow
I stopped into their visitor center on my way out to get a drink and thank them for the course.  I was amazed to see a workcamper at the counter who we'd volunteered with at Inks Lake.  We'd parted ways no more than 3 weeks ago, and there she was! She is a single lady who travels in her RV, and seems to like the same places that we do. We had a nice visit and promised to keep in touch.  Small world, volunteering. 



  1. Always a surprise to run into fellow volunteers doing their thing. :)

  2. What fun! It may be a good thing that your disc is bright red... shows up real well in that snow cover ;-)

  3. Oh yes, that is the state park where y'all came and visited with us two summers ago. Enjoy!!!

  4. I did our blog about the area two summers ago. Check out that mountain...there is a history about is on our blog.

  5. We checked out that park about three years ago and noted it is VERY big rig frien.dly.

    1. The back-in sites were great, but the one pull-through we tried to get into was laid out so badly that we ended up having to back out of it. The radius was too tight, they had boulders and curb stops on all sides, and the sewer "pit" was in a place that would have caught the driver side trailer tires. Bad design on that one!