Sunday, April 13, 2014

What Have We Gotten Ourselves Into??

We moved from Cheyenne to Casper, Wyoming yesterday, and got into our new campground around noon. We wanted to be off the road early as the weather forecast called for rain and snow beginning in the afternoon. As we approached Casper we saw the snow-covered Laramie Mountains and recognized that winter is not quite over in this area.
Laramie Mountains
Our first afternoon we visited the nearby Edness Wilkins State Park. This is a day use park that is alongside the North Platte River and has a 1.6 mile walking trail.  The trees haven't come out yet and there were few birds, but Teri did spot this unusually colored porcupine resting in a tree. We've not seen this yellow color on a porcupine before.
We returned to the trailer just as it started to sprinkle. Here is our trailer on Saturday afternoon.

As predicted, the rain turned into snow overnight, and here is a picture of the trailer on Sunday morning.

We have a 100% chance of snow forecast through this afternoon, with an accumulation of 4 - 6 inches. It has been snowing big, fluffy flakes all morning and shows no sign of letting up.  But we're snug and warm and the weather is supposed to be nice again by Monday afternoon. 
Stay warm out there...



  1. Me thinks you got there a little early?? Brrr is right!

  2. Like the porky... nice color... wonder if he's older or something? As to the weather... no thanks!

  3. You did hear about the earthquake in central Idaho a few days ago? Watch out for quaking ground too.

  4. What park did you stay in this blog...near Casper?

  5. They don't call the mountains around Laramie, WY, Snowy Range for nothing. we spent a couple of summers there and loved the area.

  6. Are you at the Terry Bison Ranch?