Friday, May 9, 2014

Spring Cleaning

Farragut State Park (Idaho) is a beautiful 4,000 acre park with 223 individual camping sites, 7 group camps, and 10 camping cabins.

The individual camping sites are located in 4 separate campgrounds.  Two of the campgrounds are open for the season and the other two will open before Memorial Day weekend. 

We were asked if we would like to help clean up one of the closed campgrounds.  We jumped at the chance to get out on a rare sunny day.

The cleanup was mostly raking each individual campsite of pine needles that had accumulated for the last 6 months.
Mark raking pine needles.
I can’t imagine how many pounds (tons?) of needles we raked up!  The local court-appointed community service teenagers where there to help also. 
The front-end loader would come by to pick up our piles of needles and take them to the waiting dump truck who would then take them to the burn pile.
These are before and after pictures of one of the sites we raked:
 Before - lots of twigs and pine needles
After - raked clean
The cleanup was a lot of work but the results were worth it.  I'm sure the campers will appreciate all our hard work.


  1. What a difference! 223 sites is a heck a lot of raking!!!!

  2. That sure is a small front end loader. Great job. Wow, that is a lot of sites.

  3. My guess is that the general public has no idea how much work went into making the sites so welcoming.