Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A Fair Day

Our park had a booth at the 150th annual North Idaho Fair.  We volunteered to work a 4 hour shift. 

Mostly Mark worked and I walked around looking at all the booths and exhibits!  This fair was very large.  There were lots of 4-H activities, food booths, and information booths for the area. 

Our booth focused on the Museum at the Brig here at the park.  Unfortunately, most visitors to the park don’t know that Farragut started out as a Naval Training Station during WWII.  After the bombing of Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, the US decided it needed a naval training station that was not on coastal waters.

Of the 800 buildings that were built within 11 months, only one remains.The Brig (Jail).

The Museum at the Brig is open Memorial Day to Labor Day and is a wonderful history of life at Farragut Naval Training Station from 1942-1946.
Our last work assignment will be to help out at the annual reunion for the Farragut Naval Training Station sailors and/or their families.  This year it’s September 6th.

We're not sure when we will be leaving here but we will be back next year.

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