Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Factory Tours - Lots of Fun

I love to go on factory tours.  They are so interesting!  So far I think my favorite one was the potato chip factory in New Brunswick, Canada. (See August 6, 2011 blog).  It certainly was the tastiest!

The factory tour we went on this morning is probably my 2nd favorite tour.
The Buck Knives factory gives free 45 minute tours of their 128,000 square foot plant. (Reservations are required, fully closed shoes are mandatory). 

The first Buck Knife was produced in 1902 by Hoyt Buck. 

We saw the knife production from the raw materials to all the different stages of the different products they make. Our tour guide gave us detailed information about the history of Buck Knives and the history of their products. 

Unfortunately, no pictures are allowed on the production line.

There is a store where you can purchase their products (pocket knives, hunting / fishing / sporting knives, and cutlery.)  They also have factory seconds at a huge discount.

After the tour we went upstairs to the small museum.  I was able to take a couple of pictures through the windows into the factory from there.
Up in the museum there were a set of mammoth tusks and a couple of teeth.  Our tour guide told us that these tusks will be kept whole but that the company does have a small supply of mammoth tusk that they do use to make knife handles. 

There were a lot of nice display cases:

If you find yourself in Post Falls, Idaho, this is a very interesting factory tour.

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  1. That's a tour I'd like to take. Love my Buck 110 folding hunter.