Saturday, February 21, 2015

See You Later...


Teri and I headed up to "The Mainland" to visit Everglades National Park last week. We stayed in a hotel in Florida City for two nights to give us enough time to explore and enjoy the park.

On our first day we entered the park on the east side, and headed to the Anhinga Trail. This is the busiest and most popular trail in the park, and for good reason. The trail and boardwalk give access to a wonderful swamp area that is just full of birds, turtles, and yes, American Alligators.
American Alligator
The trail was loaded with visitors, many from out of the country. As you can imagine getting close-up views of all these alligators was making a real impression on these folks!!
A good place to rest my head...
It was a warm, sunny February day, and most of the alligators were basking in the sun.
What a lovely smile. 
We also saw several turtles. They too were enjoying the sun, and this Peninsula Cooter was working hard to get maximum height on its rock. It seemed to be keeping a close eye on its toothy neighbor.
Peninsula Cooter and Alligator
Here is a closer look at a Peninsula Cooter, and the more colorful Florida Redbelly Turtle.
Peninsula Cooter
Florida Redbelly  Turtle
Stay tuned for more from Everglades National Park.


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  1. Those alligators look like a little dental work is in order.....