Sunday, April 5, 2015


Carolyn was close with her guess. The International Disc Golf Center (IDGC) is the headquarters for the association that oversees the rules, scoring, tournament ratings, etc. for Disc Golf. The center includes a pro shop, the Disc Golf Hall of Fame (yep, there is one...), a museum (many old Frisbees) and best of all, three different 18-hole courses.

The center is located within the beautiful Wildwood county park outside of Augusta, Georgia, and they have RV sites!  So for $20 a night we camped in a lovely forest next to the "largest man-made lake east of the Mississippi" and I got to play disc golf until my arm about fell off.

Since these courses are the showpieces of the PDGA they are very well designed and maintained. Spring is just coming to this area, so we were treated to the trees leafing out, birds singing, dogwoods blooming, and wonderful cool weather.

The three courses are each named after a famous disc golfer. The course that I am standing at above (WR Jackson) is the longest and toughest of the bunch, with 18 holes stretching out nearly 2 miles. Imagine throwing discs a couple of miles!!

Here is the view from the tee of the 18th hole. You are supposed to hit that little open tunnel in the trees ahead. Seemed easier to hit a tree...

I did treat myself to a new disc from the pro shop. Unfortunately that very disc (the red one) now resides at the bottom of Clarks Hill Lake. Did I mention that there are several drives across water on these courses??

We stayed four days in this area. On the last day we headed over to a private disc golf course that is known for "fun" basket placements. It included a basket buried in the ground, a couple hanging from trees, one back in a "grotto", and the largest disc golf basket in the world.
The World's Largest Disc Golf Basket
The Grotto

Buried Basket
Gallows Basket
Basket in a Bull Pen
Enough Disc Golf for a few days. On to Tennessee...


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