Sunday, May 17, 2015

We have Baby Birds!

We conducted our first monitoring of Bluebird Boxes this year on April 28th, and found that several boxes already had nests and eggs in them.

Western Bluebird Nest
The next week we found even more nests and eggs, but also found that this nest had been destroyed by something small enough to get in and out of the box without widening the hole or damaging the box. What do you think? Perhaps a weasel or another bird?
Damaged Nest
We have learned that the Chickadees bury their early eggs down into the animal fur that lines the nest, so I need to gently feel around to see if there are eggs. Once they finish laying all of the eggs they seem to form a little cup and the eggs are more obvious.
Black-capped Chickadee Nest
This past Monday we found our first hatchlings of the year, including this pair that had just hatched. They look so completely helpless that it is hard to imagine how they survive!
Freshly Hatched
A couple of nests had hatchlings that were a bit older.
Western Bluebirds - About 3 Days Old.
We are looking forward to another banner year for the nesting birds of Farragut State Park.



  1. What tiny little creatures... and so fuzzy! What a fascinating job you have this summer!