Saturday, May 23, 2015

Yellow, Yellow, Everywhere!!

We are in the midst of thousands of acres of beautiful pine and fir trees and we love it. But for a couple of weeks each spring, the pines pollinate and everything gets covered with the yellow powder.

Teri and I take loppers out with us on our bird box monitoring days to trim back limbs that are too close to the boxes or extending into the trails. Here are a couple of pictures of what that looked like this week.

Cutting a Branch.
Holding my Breath!!
So Much Pollen...
Are your eyes itching yet??

We even take a broom to our evening programs to sweep off the seats before folks arrive. This will all be over in a couple of weeks, and then (maybe) I'll wash the truck!!



  1. Wow! Now that's some pollen! Neat photos showing that.

  2. Wallace just washed our truck...then parked it where there are no trees!!!