Friday, November 4, 2016

Feeling Crabby

While staying at Matagorda Bay and exploring the sand beaches, we saw a lot of crabs scurrying around. The gulls and shorebirds saw them too, as they seemed to be a favorite food!

Most common were Ghost Crabs. The smallest were less than an inch across, but we'd occasionally see large ones like the crab in the picture. This one was about 4" wide.
Ghost Crab
We did see a much larger crab, but are not sure what kind it is. It may be a Stone Crab, but if anyone knows for sure we'd like to know. This one was over 6" across.
Stone (?) Crab
We've seen plenty of crab pots for sale in this area, so folks must enjoy catching and eating them.



  1. I don't know what kind of crab it is... I do know that I LOVE going crabbing... and love eating them... soft shell or otherwise.

  2. Great crab pictures. I always learn so much from your posts.