Friday, November 25, 2016

Goose Island Birds

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Teri and I go out birding every day. Whether we're leading one of the park walks (4 days a week) or exploring the area on a day off, we're always on the lookout for birds.
Brown Pelican
We feel like many of the "winter" birds have not arrived yet, as weather continues to be warm in much of the country. We are still waiting on many of the ducks to show up, and birds like sparrows are tardy as well.
We have enjoyed watching and photographing many of the resident birds that call this part of the Texas coast home.
White-tailed Hawk
Some birds, like the White-tailed Hawk and Least Grebe are thought of as South Texas specialties, but we are close enough to have them up this way. This Least Grebe is getting ready to enjoy a delicious red wasp. 
Least Grebe
It is hard to believe that we've only got another month here. The time is going by so quickly!
White-faced Ibis


  1. I love the pictures Mark,keep them coming.

    Question: Do the hawks feed on the other birds,or fish on other food?

    1. Hey Randy- Many hawks, including the White-tailed Hawk feed on mammals. Mostly small animals like mice, voles and rats, up to rabbits.