Friday, June 23, 2017

Alaska Journal - Day 11

This morning found us in Stephens Passage after cruising during the night.  Stephens Passage was named in 1794 by George Vancouver, probably for Sir Philip Stephens.

Even though we had the choice of kayaking, hiking or taking a skiff tour, we decided to stay on board and sit out on the sun deck. 

After lunch we continued to enjoy a nice, relaxing day.


Being on the deck with the camera gave plenty of opportunity for pictures. Almost everyone else missed these Sea Otters as they were next to the boat for less than a minute.

Sea Otter

Sea Otter

As evening approached we cruised by a lighthouse. We saw several lighthouses, seemingly in the middle of nowhere. The lighthouse keepers must enjoy their solitude!

At many of the lighthouses the keepers would come out and wave. The couple who lived here did so, but I didn't manage to get them in a picture.

We saw Humpback Whales feeding as we approached the lighthouse island. The folks who live here must see them constantly.

The last mammals we saw this evening were a large group of Stellar's Sea Lions hauled out on some rock islands.

Next time:  A WOW moment!


  1. Were the Stellar's sea lions named by the same person who named the Stellar's Jay?

    We have a photograph of a lighthouse out in the middle of nowhere (like your top picture) from our last Alaska cruise. Interesting posting to work there!

    1. It looks like the same fellow (Georg Wilhelm Steller). He has several other animals named after him, but none are as common as the Jay or Sea Lion.

    2. And, it looks like we misspelled "Steller's"...

  2. I love watching otters cracking shells on their stomachs.