Friday, June 2, 2017

Alaska Journal - Day 2

Our day started bright and early with a beautiful view out our door.
View out our door.

We stepped out on the deck for some early morning pictures:
Breakfast was served twice each morning.  We opted to skip the early breakfast and headed out to the sundeck for our morning stretch with Travis.  We participated in the morning stretch almost every morning and really enjoyed it.
The TV in our room had useful information throughout the day.

Meal area.

Today will be deja vu for us.  We’re headed for Deception Pass and the Sucia Island.  This was the same area we were in a few weeks back aboard the Glacier Spirit on our 3 day trip to the San Juan Islands.
Deception Pass Bridge.  
See April 24, 2017 blog for more information.

After safely making our way through the pass it was time for our kayak orientation.
Orientation with guides Lindsey and Mark

While spending the morning on Sucia Island, we had a choice of kayaking, hiking or taking a skiff tour.  Since we had hiked the island on our previous trip, we opted for kayaking.

Our orientation was interrupted when the bridge announced “Orcas, port side off the bow.”
Male Orca near Sailboat

Trio of Killer Whales

After watching the Orca’s play for quite a while we set off again to the Sucia Island and our kayak orientation resumed.

The ship carries a bunch of kayaks on two decks, and they are placed into the water when trips are planned.
Our boat is equipped with an EZ Dock launch platform which makes it very easy to get into and launch the kayaks.  All the guests kayaks are 2 seaters.  The guides have single seat kayaks.
EZ Deck launch platform.

We got on our gear - kayak pfd’s (Personal Flotation Device) and spray skirts, which keep water from getting into the kayak.
Setting out with our guide, Mark, we headed to some interesting rock formations.

We had about 2 1/2 hours to explore the waters around the island.

We got back on the boat for lunch and pulled up anchor.  The afternoon was spent relaxing on the sun deck while we set sail into Canada’s Inside Passage.

Along the way we had plenty of time to view sights.  The captain was happy to slow down for any interesting sightings.

Harbor Seals

Canada Goose Pair with Goslings
Artic Terns

Our first full day quickly came to an end:

Next time:  Canada’s Inside Passage

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  1. I'm going to enjoy hearing about every day of this cruise!