Wednesday, September 13, 2017

I Thought They Were Supposed To Be Green

We’re back home in Texas but before leaving New Mexico we made one more stop - The UFO Museum in Roswell. 

We visited the museum many years ago.  The museum has changed a lot since our last visit.

Most of the museum is newspaper articles from 1947 when a “weather balloon” crashed at a ranch in Roswell.

There were a few other things to see in the museum.

 Old teletype machine, typewriter, etc.

The difference between a human mandible and an alien mandible - just in case you ever run across a mandible lying around.

Alien autopsy.
Pickled alien.

I thought aliens were supposed to be little green men.  In the UFO Museum, they are tall silver men.  

This was the best display in the museum.  The spaceship spun around and the smoke came down with lots of colored lights.  There was some "creepy" music.

Apparently aliens like Coke too!

Our next volunteer gig is supposed to be at Goose Island State Park in Rockport.  We have contacted the park to see if they can use us to help clean up after hurricane Harvey.  We haven't heard from them yet.


  1. I hope your Goose Island gig isn't a total bust this season. I bet they could use your help to get things cleaned up.

    1. We have a lot of clean-up experience. I hope they can use us. We've seen pictures of our "birding host" site from last year and it is a mess.

  2. Rockport was ground zero for Harvey. You will most likely have lots to do. Love the pics of their Aliens. Really neat museum.

    1. The museum was a big improvement from the first time we went.